Wedding Toast

A toast to Jeremy my son,
And to Eren, his beloved one,
Who met in school at Centenary
And now, at last, have come to marry.
So now, my son, I offer this,
A prayer for lifelong wedded bliss.
May you be wise and full of grace,
And ever find in her fair face,
A source of joy and love so true
That only she can be for you.
And to Eren, now let me say
How glad I am to see this day,
When my dear son, a source of pride,
Tomorrow takes you as his bride.
None could bestow greater joy
Than you have brought my darling boy.
So now allow me to make clear
How grateful I am to you dear
For how you’ve blessed, not just my son,
But all my family, everyone.
So when at last you say “I do”
Just know that I will then call you
My daughter, and let me be clear,
We couldn’t love you more, my dear.

Welcome to the family.
May God bless this union.
May the Lord bless this house.


About Joel Hall

Onward through the fog!
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