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Love Your Enemies – Yes, Even Nazis

In light of recent events, with tiki torch waving hate groups marching the streets of Charlottesville chanting racist slogans, clashing with counter-protesters, and the tragic death of a young lady in the prime of life, it is easy to succumb … Continue reading

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Wedding Toast

A toast to Jeremy my son, And to Eren, his beloved one, Who met in school at Centenary And now, at last, have come to marry. So now, my son, I offer this, A prayer for lifelong wedded bliss. May … Continue reading

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 The Fruit of Distrust

We live in a time of turmoil, violence, and mayhem. Like other such times in the history of the world, there is one central truth that dictates the increase in chaos. We see it everywhere. Suspicion of “the other”. A … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Evangelical Republicans

Originally posted on pontifications. and stuff.:
I want to preface this letter with two caveats. The first is that I hope I’m wrong about what I see coming down the pike. The second is that if I’m right, I pray…

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Grandad’s “Dirty” Joke

My Grandad Reagan Otts was one of the most gentle, kind, laid back, wonderful human beings God ever created. Rarely did I ever witness him lose his temper and even more rarely did I ever hear him curse. (The only … Continue reading

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Belle of the Ball

I graduated from Texas A&M University. Yes, I’m an Aggie. But not just any Aggie. I grew up in College Station as the son of a Junction Boy. I used to play with the son of Earl Rudder, the college … Continue reading

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Who Do You Love?

Copyright 2015 by Joel R. Hall – All rights reserved. The most important question in all of creation is, “Who do you love?” Yeshua made it abundantly clear: “God is Love”, “Love each other”, “Love your enemies”. He meant it. … Continue reading

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