The Power of Perspective
Photo courtesy of NOAA
Whenever I find myself drowning in self pity,
Whenever I feel lost in the darkest night,
Whenever tempests roil within my soul and threaten to tear me asunder,
I cling with all my might to the memory of His light flooding through me,
His thoughts intermingled with my own,
And the profound sense of peace, love, and joy that cradled me so tender
Even while my body lay dead,
And I keep on clinging until that light slowly, but surely,
Calms the tempest,
Illuminates the path forward,
And reminds me all over again
How very tiny are my problems in the face of a universe vast
And a creator that loves me with a love that dwarfs this universe.
Image courtesy of NASA.
Because He is, I am blessed.
Because He is, we are blessed.
Because He is, we are loved.
Because He IS, we ARE.
Image courtesy of NASA.
So remember,
When you can’t see the light,
It’s probably because you have your eyes closed…
…in pain…
…or terror.
In those moments,
Simply cling to the memory of the light.
And if you refuse to let go,
Eventually, the light will overcome all darkness,
Both internal and external…
…And then the darkness will simply cease to exist.
Photo courtesy of NASA.
I love you all, my friends, my family, both of blood and Spirit.
May the Creator, the Eternal One, the great I AM, grant you perspective.
May He fill you with His love.
May He flood you with His light.
May He plant the seeds of shalom within you,
And may it cease to grow there no more, forever.

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