Fall Free-for-all: Don’t Miss It

If you haven’t already downloaded my book, “Revelations of a Glory Passing“, now is your chance to get it for free! Hurry, though. Amazon is running a brief “free download” promotion this weekend. It starts on 10/27/2012 at approximately midnight Pacific Standard Time and runs for approximately 24 hours. So, don’t delay. Download today!

Book Description:

This is the true story of a thirty year quest to find explanations for two seeming paradoxes contained in the Biblical creation accounts found in Genesis chapters one and two. That quest culminated in a revelation of information that not only provided a resolution to the questions of paradox, but which contained implications far beyond the scope of the original quest. This book has the potential to totally and radically change your understanding of the Genesis creation accounts, and in the process, obviate the need to ever again view the Bible as being at odds with the findings of modern day science.


About Joel Hall

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