© Copyright 2011 by Joel R. Hall – All Rights Reserved

What is heaven like?

Is it filled with pious angels
Strumming harps
While reclining on fluffy clouds?

Is it a shining city
With streets of Gold
And gates of pearl?

Where is heaven?

Is it in the sky?
Is it in outer space,
Or perhaps another dimension?
Is it a place at all?
Do you go there,
Or is it everywhere?

When is heaven?

Is it “hereafter”?
Does it begin after you die,
Or is it already begun,
So that we, on dying, simply “check in”?

These are all valid questions…
Or are they?

Perhaps heaven is simply defined as…
Living in the presence of the Creator,
Being filled with the light of His Love,
Vibrating like a harp string
In harmony with His joy.

Perhaps heaven can’t wait.
Perhaps it is something that invades you
And permeates you
And flows out of you…
The moment you let Him in.

Perhaps the goal is to live heaven now
So that when death comes
You simply slip from one experience of heaven into another…
Deeper, more vibrant realization.

O! To be found…
Lost in Him,
The limitless Crystal Sea of Love and Light.
Swimming like a fish,
A glint of living color,
Dancing forever
Among an eternity of living colors.
Colors so beautiful,
That the experience of them can not be limited
To the single sense of sight.
No, these colors,
These gorgeous glints,
Are so beautiful,
You can hear them like music,
Smell them like incense,
Taste them like wine,
Feel them like a caress.

Perhaps if you listen very carefully
You will hear His invitation?
“Come on in.
The living water is heavenly!”

© Copyright 2011 by Joel R. Hall – All Rights Reserved


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5 Responses to Heaven

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    Oh, how beautifully you express what heaven is like. I agree with you that it is now and your description of the colors takes my breath away. What a wonderful message you give us. Thank you! hugs, pat

  2. Bhaga says:

    Thank you for that new mention of the Ocean of Light and Love. I know it too. I had that experience in November 1973, while I was already in Auroville for a year and a half. I have been so moved to find your description of It in the long post where you describe your beautiful NDE as an eighteen year old. It is Pat Cegan, blessed she be, who some time ago wrote to me about that post of yours. And after reading the second part of it (the nice live visions of special moments of your personal future), I was absolutely transfixed while reading, literally, the apotheosis: the whole last live vision, with the gradual transformation of the flesh, its victorious transmutation into the divine body it must become in our evolutive future!… I loved also, in the end, your irresistibly comical rendering of your resurrection thanks to those three full oranges voraciously gulped in!!! When the body knows what it needs to be well again, nothing can stop it!…
    I’m so glad i’ve discovered your blog, thanks to Pat!
    And the Divine Grace brought me back to it this morning, just for the Ocean of Light and Love. I’m right away putting your blog on my blogroll for others to discover it too.

  3. Bhaga says:

    Again me: I couldn’t find any button for subscription, so I just clicked on the little square for notification about new posts, I guess it is the same…

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