Don’t Give In

© Copyright 2011 by Joel R. Hall – All Rights Reserved

The temptation is strong…
…strong like the wind.
It pulls you like the tide…
…flows like a river.

Don’t give in.
It might even seem the right thing to do…

It’s not.
Don’t give in.

So many innocents lost…
…slaughtered like lambs…
…extinguished like candles in the wind.

Don’t give in.
You must resist.
Hate can not win.
Don’t give in.

But how do you love a monster?!?
My heart SCREAMS for blood!
Stone him!
Shoot him!
Kill the monster!

But I must not…
Hate can not win.
Don’t give in.

Love is the only answer.
Hatred is the blinder…
…the consumer of souls…
…the black hole into which hope falls forever away.

Hatred is the mother of monsters.
It would consume me as quickly as it did…
…the monster I desire to punish.

You may be able to fight fire with fire, but…
…darkness can never be abolished by darkness.
Only light can banish it.

Love is the light of the world.
Would I be a child of darkness?
Would I chose to be a monster?

I have no right to judge even the monster…
…for I have been a monster…
…even if only in my soul.
But a monster is a monster nonetheless.

But what of JUSTICE?
What of justice for the lambs?!?
Blood for blood.
Eye for eye.

Don’t give in…

He hung there dying…
…when He alone deserved to live.
He hung there loving…
…”forgive them”…
…”they know not”…

He didn’t give in.

But who will pay?
The monster must not win!
What of justice for the lambs?
Who will pay?

He hung there paying it all…
…and at the end…
…he did not give in…
…he simply spoke light.
With arms outstretched…
…he spoke light into the darkness.

“Payed in full.”

And there was light, and it was good.

Hate MUST NOT win.
Don’t give in.
Never give in.

© Copyright 2011 by Joel R. Hall – All Rights Reserved


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16 Responses to Don’t Give In

  1. Joel Hall says:

    This poem is dedicated to the memory of the victims of the senseless attack in Norway. My heart is broken. Such darkness. I cling to the only Light in a world seemingly filled with dark hatred. Kyrie Eleison. Kyrie Eleison. Have mercy on us all.

  2. Susan Sonnen says:

    I had a feeling it was for Norway. 😦

    Your poem brings to mind my new mantra: Do no harm.

    Well done, Joel.

  3. Jaan Pehchaan says:

    Wonderful philosophy! It takes great mental strength to follow in the footsteps of the righteous! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Clayton says:

    Very nicely done brother Joel! The monster came to visit me last night over ugly words spoken in our circle by those who should be kind. I wanted to lash out in the worst way but I too was reminded of the grace and forgiveness that must win over our own desire to slay the dragons that torture us. Thanks for putting my battle of last night into appropriate words.

  5. very stunning lines, your words pull and flow like tides,

    way to go.

  6. Invite you to join poetry potluck week 45 today,
    Any poems related to nature and life are welcome!
    Bless you.

  7. Pat Cegan says:

    Love is the only answer.
    Hatred is the blinder…
    …the consumer of souls…
    …the black hole into which hope falls forever away.

    absolutely stunning piece, Joel. How important is the message. I especially like the segment above. We must shine the Light of Love into the Darkness transforming it with Love, the Power Supreme. Never give in! Yes! Thank you for this inspiring poem. I surround you and fill you with much Love and Light. Hugs, pat

  8. becca givens says:

    A powerful message 😉

  9. Jingle says:

    powerful thanks for sharing.

  10. Miss Kitten says:

    I am an American expat living in Gothenburg, Sweden, which is only hours away from where the attacks occurred. We’re all still reeling from Friday’s events, and even now it’s hard to think about those dead children without crying. I was standing at my kitchen stove yesterday cooking dinner and the tears just wouldn’t stop coming. Tears for the lost innocent.

    Naturally over the last few days there have been a lot of people who have called for new laws that ban the kind of right-wing anti-immigration groups of which Breivik was a member, or that they should at least be silenced or punished for expressing their ideas. They call him a monster and say he should be executed for the taking the lives of all those people. Curiously enough, and even as an immigrant (the target of his hatred) I do not consider Breivik a monster. Maybe someday I will, but so far I’m not angry or afraid. I’m just sad.

    I too write a poem dedicated to Mr. Breivik, although mine is somewhat bitter in tone:

    Hatred is not a a crime. Killing in the name of it certainly is.

  11. Excellent message, Joel! And well written, too. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  12. ~L says:

    beautiful! this touched me very deep!

  13. Derek says:

    WOW! Amazing work. Teary and goose bumps. Love, love, love the Jesus references. Bless your soul brother! Thank you for this

  14. Taylor Hoover says:

    This poem is so powerful!!! Way to be uncomformed to the world and stand against something that the world would, as you say in your poem, think or seem is right!!! Love is the only answer and God’s love is stronger than anything!!! God spoke to me the other morning and said that if I loved my enemies, then my healing would come speedily!!!! Yay God!!!

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