Rainy Day Stray

Stray No More

(c) Copyright 1974, 2004, 2008 – All rights reserved

Down the road on a cold rainy day,
There walked a dog, all alone, branded stray.
Searching and sniffing for food on the ground.
Shot at by farmers. Chased by the pound.
Digging in trashcans for garbage to eat
While down on his head the cold rain did beat.
With lashes and whips folks chased him away
Cause everyone knows that you can’t trust a stray.
So down on his head the cold rain did beat,
And the day was soon coming for his final defeat,
At the hands of a motorist passing him by,
A single blow to the head and he’d lay down and die..

Then suddenly he beelined straight for my door,
And the rainy day stray is no stray any more.
I kept him and fed him and he is not bad.
In fact, he is the most loyal and loving friend I ever had.

(c) Copyright 1974, 2004, 2008 – All rights reserved


About Joel Hall

Onward through the fog!
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9 Responses to Rainy Day Stray

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  2. Joel Hall says:

    I wrote this poem for a poetry contest in 1974. The poem did well, but I was a bit dissatisfied with it until making some edits a few years ago. I hope you like it. It expresses my heart about friendship.

  3. handsome dog, a poem rewrite 3 times, wow, love your patience here.
    How are you?
    Welcome join poets rally week 48 today,
    Awesome poetry you have here, keep it up.
    Hope to see you share.
    simply visit me and make a comment under the post after linking in your entry.

  4. Andy says:

    Simply lovely.
    Shame on the motorist for leaving him to almost die.
    At least you had a heart of gold and nurtured him back to good health and now your kindness has been repaid with his loyalty.
    He’s a beauty.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Here’s mine:

  5. Joel Hall says:

    I should clarify that the dog pictured is my current rescue pup. The original “Rainy Day Stray” made his way to my door many years ago and now watches over me from puppy heaven.

    The irony is that this poem, while inspired by that pup, was really written as a parable about the human “Rainy Day Strays” that pass among us simply looking for an opportunity to be that “loyal and loving friend”.

  6. Aw, this is such a sweet poem. I love how it rhymes and how it echoes with truth.

  7. no problem,

    visit as many poets as you can if you have time, that’s how you make new friends, not just a dozen, but two dozens…

    Happy Rally.

  8. Miss Kitten says:

    I love this piece! It’s so touching and so true. Strays and shelter pets, unwanted and abandoned by their previous owners, always make the best pets ever. They’re so grateful for the love and attention you give them that they give ten-fold that amount in return.

    By the way, your current rescue pup looks very sweet. 🙂

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