The Cat of Quiet Eyes

Quiet Eye

© Copyright 2006, 2009, 2011 by Joel R. Hall – All Rights Reserved

Quiet eyes
This cat possesses as
She sits for all the world to see,
Serene behind those quiet eyes.
I am not fooled.

She purrs and preens and watches, ever watches
Me and you and all the world go by.
So placid. Even Smiling…
Watching from behind those quiet eyes.
I am not fooled.

I look into those quiet eyes and see
A thousand questions, fears and passions
Roiling there.

She stretches, yawns…
Boredom’s essence,
Blinking sleepy, watching, quiet eyes.
And yet, I am not fooled.

We are connected,
This cat and I.
She can no more deceive me with those quiet eyes
And practiced boredoms
Than her I could deceive into believing
That ever I might tire of gazing
Deep into the mystery of her oh so lovely…
Quiet eyes.

© Copyright 2006, 2009, 2011 by Joel R. Hall – All Rights Reserved


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16 Responses to The Cat of Quiet Eyes

  1. Joel Hall says:

    This poem was inspired by a cat named Bathsheba that once deigned to tolerate my presence. She was one of the most psycho cats I’ve ever been around. As long as no one was near her, she would sit looking for all the world like the most serene of all felines, but the moment anyone would approach too close, she would totally freak out. I loved that cat and truly could gaze into her eyes for hours without ever getting bored. She was truly a fascinating animal.

  2. Awwww I love cats I have always ended up with sweet peculiar cats none that have been aggressive

  3. Tigerbrite says:

    I too love cats. Well I would wouldn’d I?
    I had one who would sit and stare at people who came to the house as if he could read their minds.
    Used to disconcert many.

  4. Ravenblack says:

    Love this poem. A cat’s eyes are very beautiful and expressive — they do seem to speak when they look at you. It’s something special when they choose to share their space with you. I think they take all the world into them.

  5. Jingle says:

    sharp, thanks for sharing…

  6. CC Champagne says:

    Cats are intriguing individuals and I think you’ve captured that in so many ways here!

  7. Mike Patrick says:

    A cat can stare so attentively at a blank wall. Unless their predatory instinct kicks in, they are more perfectly at peace with the world than any other creatures.

  8. Lovely poem. Cats are such wonderful creatures.

  9. “I am not fooled…”
    Really enjoyed this. I am a cat owner and lover too. There is always something going on behind those “quite eyes”! Loved this.

  10. shannadodd says:

    Great! I have 3 cats so I can really empathize with this piece. Well said.

  11. Sierra says:

    I adore pusses and I love that you wrote a poem dedicated to their slyness and beauty. As a cat lover, its very special. Bravo!

    • Joel Hall says:

      I am a cat person as well. Ever since I was small I have loved cats and they have, for the most part, loved me back. In fact, I was the only person that Bathsheba would ever allow to approach. She would curl up in my lap and purr, but if anyone else came anywhere near her, she would take off like a scalded goose.

  12. jsendslove says:

    My dog looks at me as if their were a person in his soul, in his being. I know when something is wrong just by looking in his “quiet eyes” Their eyes speak for them.

    very thought provoking!

  13. Cats scare me sometimes but I still like them. I like this poem as well. There is something magical about a cat’s eyes that captivates and mystifies me. Very good poem.

  14. This is great Joel. Your poem has a calming effect just like cats 🙂

  15. Peggy Biggs says:

    It’s a lovely poem, Joel!

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