The Two Basic Emotions – Clarification

© Copyright 2011 by Joel R. Hall – All Rights Reserved

I have had some interesting correspondence concerning my post entitled “The Two Basic Emotions” that led me to realize that I left the door open for ambiguity in my attempts to communicate my message. Consequently, allow me to disambiguate by defining the concept that I am referring to as fear.

I am not referring to fight or flight. The physical fear reaction, in the chemical sense, is separate from the emotion that I am referring to. In fact, fight or flight is not an emotion at all, although it can certainly evoke emotions. No, I am referring to an emotion that causes people to doubt their own worth and value or to question their significance. It is what makes us feel so vulnerable and alone. In our original, God connected state, we did not feel this way. That’s the meaning of the phrase, “And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed”. (Gen. 2:25)

Our connection to Him caused us to feel whole and invested with purpose, but after our separation from Him, we lost the assurance of feeling His presence which made us feel vulnerable, alone, and uneasy about our significance. It was this fear that caused Adam and Eve to immediately feel shame upon rebelling against the Creator. That rebellion immediately severed their natural connection to Him, and because we were designed for relationship with Him, the lack of that relationship threw us into fear. That fear has been driving us ever since, and only perfect Love can drive it out.

I hope this adds clarity. Shalom…

© Copyright 2011 by Joel R. Hall – All Rights Reserved


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