First, I would like to acknowledge the source of all love, wisdom, and goodness: Yeshua who was called messiah and now reigns as the one true High King. To Him I dedicate my musings since He is the source of any wisdom I might accidentally stumble across, for I, on my own, am a colossal fool and have no wisdom save this: that I call on His name. I am not saying that I speak for Him but only that I speak about Him and seek always to reflect the lessons He has taught me. His lessons are perfect. My grasp of them is most certainly not. So forgive me for the imperfect transmission of His perfect Truth.

Second, I would like to thank my Lord for blessing me with the gift of my wife and two sons. They are my greatest treasure in the universe and a source of great joy and comfort.

Third, I would like to thank my Lord for blessing me with wonderful family and friends. These only add to my treasure chest of joy and cause me to glorify His name continually.

All Glory to the Holy One. All Praise to the Lord our King.

Amen. Amen. Forever Amen.


About Joel Hall

Onward through the fog!
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